Things to Come

Since I've last posted, Josh and I have played a few intimate shows that we've really enjoyed. Our two piece sets have been gaining some momentum, and are really starting to develop a separate, identifiably different sound. At first, playing two piece sets felt a little weird, considering we had always heard drums with our songs, but it's nice how these songs are taking on different forms. It has really allowed Josh and I to expand our creativity structurally and lyrically and helped us to grow as musicians. 

One of my favorite two piece shows to date was our recent show in Mobile, Al at a cozy venue called The Listening Room

It is appropriately named in that the owner, Jim Pennington, requires the listeners' full attention -- and he means business! It is so refreshing as a musician to find a venue owner who cares as much about the music as he does about the bar tab. We can't wait to come back, and we actually have a show booked there again in early July.

The Listening Room, May 6th  Photo Cred: Toni Dovi 

The Listening Room, May 6th

Photo Cred: Toni Dovi 


Thank you to all of our friends and family who came out, and to the new friends we made, especially Abe Partridge -- Abe is an amazing songwriter who plays solo, and also along with his band, Abe Partridge and the Psychedelic Peacocks. Give them a listen! They are from Mobile, but you can often catch them on the Gulf Coast:

I want to thank Johnny Cole for recommending us to Jim and also for featuring us this month on WKFK TV 7 where we perform a few songs as a duo and have an interview with Johnny himself. We always have a good time with Johnny, and he has new stories about new artists and shows every time we see him. This dude has earned some kind of title in the Guiness Book of World Records, in my opinion. :)


Josh and I have been working on new songs and will be playing them as a two piece at our next three shows:

Saturday, May 28th - SeaGrapes Wine Bar, Downtown Gulfport, 6-9

Thursday, June 16th - Sal & Mookie's Pizzeria, Biloxi, 6-9

Friday, July 8th - The Listening Room, Mobile, AL 7-10

 We have also been practicing as a four piece with Wayne Mott and Tommy Mims (formerly in The Eves and Moonhawk) to prepare for our show at The Government Street Grocery on Friday, July 15th, 10-1. 

So, whether you are looking to dance to some booming bass and drums or prefer to sit back with a glass of wine (or pizza), we've got you covered! Whatever tickles your pickle or...razzles your dazzle... or whatever idiom floats your goat. 

We hope to catch you soon at our shows, and can't wait for you to hear our new songs, some of which will be on our upcoming EP! 

Much love, 

Em <3 <3 <3